This 18-year-old Auburn fan wrote a great song about Alabama weather and the Weather Channel loves it

Monday, March 2, 2020

This 18-year-old Auburn fan wrote a great song about Alabama weather and the Weather Channel loves it

Saturday was, for once, perfectly pleasant across the Heart of Dixie. No freak freezes. No flash floods. No pop-up polygons. But meteorologist Reynolds Wolf — son of Birmingham, noted Auburn fan — still couldn’t keep his mind off “Alabama Weather.”

And he wasn’t the only one.

Written by Hamilton High School senior Anna Kate Warner, the catchy, Doppler-respecting ditty comparing the vicissitudes of love to Alabama’s flip-flopping forecasts has her social media stats enjoying record highs.

Most recordings—covers, mostly—that mom Deanna Warner posts to Anna Kate’s Facebook music page hover around a few hundred hits. But tapping into the south’s cultural climate—can you a go day without seeing a meme about Alabama’s wacky weather?—and drawing inspiration from its actual climate has earned “Alabama Weather” nearly 5,000 since Valentine’s Day.

“Loving you is like the Alabama weather,” Warner croons at the start of the song’s catchy chorus. “Storms, sun, cold or whatever. Will this thing pass, or is this thing forever? Loving you is like the Alabama weather.”

Want to hear a song about something crazy?? 😜🤭How about this Alabama weather?? 🌪Let me know what you think of my new original down below!!

Posted by Anna Kate Warner Music on Friday, February 14, 2020

The barometric ballad has recently garnered praise from Southern Living and, yep, even made the Weather Channel’s radar.

Thanks to Warner’s Saturday appearances on both AMHQ Weekend and the Weekend Recharge, “Alabama Weather” may actually be on the cusp of a viral vortex, and the Weather Channel’s resident Alabama native may now be her biggest fan.

“I absolutely adore this song,” Wolf said.

By the end of the segment, he adored Warner.

“Very quickly, very important—Alabama fan or Auburn fan,” Wolf asked, fingers crossed. “Is it Roll Tide or War Eagle?”

“War Eagle.”

from The War Eagle Reader

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