FANPULSE: NCAA Tournament Edition

Friday, March 20, 2020

FANPULSE: NCAA Tournament Edition

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Practice Day Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

This all sucks. There’s no way around it. In a perfect world, Auburn might be taking on Yale in the first round of the NCAA tournament this afternoon.

In that perfect world, our point guard doesn’t foul out in a one possession game late.

In that perfect world, beating Yale sparks a run through the tournament where Auburn knocks off #5 seed Virginia, #1 seed Kansas, and #2 seed Duke en route to the Final Four.

In that perfect world, Samir Doughty posts 30 points a game en route to a national title.

But... this isn’t that perfect world.

Instead, we’re going to try and do the best we can with the tools we have. That’s why the SBNation family is going to use FanPulse to generate March Madness!

If you haven’t voted before, 1) why, and 2) you can sign up here! Signing up will immediately take you to the voting page, and you will get emails sent to you whenever it’s time to vote more.

War Eagle!

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