Carolina May Rue the Day of Cam Newton’s Release

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Carolina May Rue the Day of Cam Newton’s Release

On Tuesday the Carolina Panthers released the win-ingest quarterback in the history of the franchise. Auburn’s 2010 national championship quarterback, Cam Newton, has been the face of the program since Carolina made him the No.1 over-all draft pick in 2011. Newton has had to deal with some health issues recently but I’m not so sure the team’s new owner made the right decision.

It’s a business, I understand that, but as an Auburn man and a Cam fan, I’m saddened by the move. It just seems a little more consideration should be given to a three time Pro Bowl player that led the Panthers to the 2016 Super Bowl. In addition, Newton holds several NFL records and every Panther quarterback record including:
* Most passing touchdowns (182).
* Most passing yards (29,224).
* Most rushing TDs (58). 
* Most rushing yards for a QB (4,806). 

In the league overall:

* Cam’s 58 rushing scores make him the most successful quarterback in NFL history.
* Those 29,224 passing yards trails only Peyton Manning (30,062) on the all-time list of total yardage gained in his first eight seasons.
* He was the NFL’s 2016 MVP.
* He holds the NFL record for most games in combined passing and rushing touchdowns (34).
* He was the first quarterback in NFL history to rush for 100 plus yards and pass for 300 plus yards with five TD’s in a single game (on December 20, 2016).
* And Cam’s done all that despite never having a top wide receiver, like  Antonio Brown, Larry Fitzjerald, or Julio Jones.

But all that apparently didn’t matter. The move is more about what have you done for me lately? And speaking of lately, the Carolina and Auburn legend missed most of last season due to injury. However, reports are that he is fully recovered from his Lisfranc (foot) surgery and was ready for training camp.

At present there seems to be a glut of available quarterbacks on the market with new ones trying to break into the league in this spring’s NFL Draft. However, fans can fully expect to see Cam picked up by some team in the coming months. He’s only 31 and has too much talent for that not to be the case.  And when that happens …

Carolina management may rue the day they made the decision to cut him loose. 

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