Back in the Top 10! Auburn Rises in FanPulse After Iron Bowl Win

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Back in the Top 10! Auburn Rises in FanPulse After Iron Bowl Win

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Same old same old at the top this week, except for - what’s that? An Alabama loss! The loss knocked out a potential playoff team (along with Minnesota), now leaving seven teams for four spots. Let’s play through the hypotheticals, shall we?

  • LSU and Ohio State are 100% locks, win or lose, I imagine. Clemson is probably in even with a loss, but they’re probably 95% to win anyways. So in theory, there’s four teams vying for one spot.
  • If UGA beats LSU, they’re in, no questions asked. The seeding probably gets moved around so Ohio State and Clemson are 1/2, UGA is 3, and LSU is 4.
  • If UGA loses, then it comes down to OU/Baylor and Utah. Obviously, if Utah loses then the OU/Baylor winner gets in.
  • But if Utah wins, then it’s them or the Big 12 winner. I think the order of priority will be OU>Utah>Baylor, but I’m really not sure. But #8 Baylor will have just beaten #6 Oklahoma and #5 Utah will have just beaten #13 Oregon.

What about the absolute doomsday scenario? Here’s how I picture it:

  • LSU blasts UGA and locks up the #1 seed.
  • Ohio State does the same to Wisconsin and locks up the #2 spot. I know I said doomsday, but these guys losing doesn’t knock them out of the playoff.
  • Let’s have Virginia do something crazy. Like 45-3 win over Clemson crazy. Sorry Tigs, you’re out.
  • The Big 12 winner will be an 11-1 conference champion with a win over a top 10 team. Either one of them is in, let’s say Baylor as the #3 seed to make it fun.
  • The #4 spot is where things can get interesting. LSU just bombed Georgia to the point where there’s no way they stay at #4. Utah? Sorry, you just lost to #13 Oregon. You’re out.
  • This is where the line ends. If everything I said above happens, you’re looking at the 10-2 FLORIDA GATORS as the #4 seed. They would have close losses to the #1 and #5 teams in the country, a win over Auburn, and NOT a loss to South Carolina.

Anyways, Auburn’s sitting right at #10, and even if the season was stupid frustrating, I think we’re right about where we had hoped to be, or better. We beat (in this poll) #9 and #14, and we lost to #1, #4, and #8. With a freshman quarterback and major questions at offensive line, that’s a pretty good result to me.

It looks like you guys are all on Utah for the 4th spot. I wouldn’t hate it.

Back up to the top! After bouncing around all season, we end up with 90% of you confident in the direction of the program.

Wait, wait, look at this.

Imagine being so far up your own ass that losing games turns over 14 of your fanbase off the greatest dynasty of all-time. Couldn’t be my team.

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