Auburn #13 in Fan Pulse Ahead of Matchup with #6 UGA

Monday, November 11, 2019

Auburn #13 in Fan Pulse Ahead of Matchup with #6 UGA

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ologies for not getting Fan Pulse out last week. Civil duties called! Alas, we’re back after an awesome Week 11.

Remember when Alabama had a stranglehold on the top spot a few weeks ago? LSU barely stole that spot last week, but they busted the door down after beating Alabama. This week, LSU brought home every #1 vote sans Big 10 stans Michigan State, Nebraska, and Ohio State (who all voted for Ohio State #1).

There’s still plenty of debate about who’s IN, though, with seven teams (the top 7 + Oregon) receiving multiple Top 4 votes. Even though Oregon came in at #11 in the composite ballot, Addicted to Quack and Block U both stuck the Ducks at #4.

There’s definitely a hard cutoff in fan perception behind Auburn at #13. Each of the top 13 teams’ worst placing in an individual team site’s ballot is #13. That means each of the top 13 teams were ranked in the top 13 in every ballot - no other teams cracked that barrier. Memphis, Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Wisconsin, and Michigan all slid in behind Auburn with at least one #14 vote.

Other than that, nothing’s too crazy here. There’s a few random ballots that are really down on a specific team, like Coug Center ranking Bama #10 and From the Rumble Seat keeping UGA down at #12 (<3).

Woo boy. After dropping to 50% after the LSU loss and down to 25% after the Ole Miss WIN, y’all were on the ledge. There must have been something about seeing an offense that Auburn had contained nearly throw up a 50 burger on the road in Tuscaloosa that made Auburn fans feel not quite so terribad.

I fully expect this number to not be hovering around 50% next week. Beat UGA, and that number could be back up to 85%+. Lose? Well, just don’t lose.

After last week’s big win over Bama, Burrow might be in a dormie situation here. If he just performs average the rest of the way, I’m not sure there’s anything anyone else can do to catch him at this point. He’s got a shot to break a BUNCH of SEC records in the next few weeks. Burrow needs 11 more touchdown passes to tie Drew Lock’s record of 44, and with (probably) five or six games left, that seems likely. He also needs 1,077 more passing yards to tie Tim Couch’s record, which again seems likely.

Burrow already has a 6% point lead on the single-season completion% record, also owned by Tim Couch, and he and Tua are racing to set the single-season passing efficiency record, currently owned by last year’s version of Tua. He’s not bad on the ground either, picking up nearly 100 sack-adjusted rushing yards against Alabama.

Just give him the Heisman already.

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