Auburn Bumped Back After Bye to #8 in Week 7 Fan Pulse!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Auburn Bumped Back After Bye to #8 in Week 7 Fan Pulse!

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After hardly any movement at the top in the last few weeks, we finally have some updates! Alabama hung on to the top spot, but LSU climbed up to #2 after putting away Florida, and Georgia tumbled down to #9 after a rough home loss to South Carolina.

In fact, Georgia fell down one spot behind Auburn! The national opinion of Auburn rebounded after the loss in Gainesville two weeks ago, and the Tigers now sit at #8, tops for one loss teams. Most ballots placed Auburn in the #7-#9 range, although A Sea of Blue continues to pump us up with a #6 ranking.

Four teams received first place votes, although Alabama still racked it 45 of the 50. And The Valley Shook (LSU), Shakin the Southland (Clemson), and Land Grant Holy Land (Ohio State) all picked their own squads, and Frogs O’ War (TCU) and you guys here at College and Mag voted LSU as their number one team. Personally, I did as well. They’ve had the combination of looking dominant and having a solid resume that puts them ahead of Alabama for me.

After some confusing Fan Pulse results in recent weeks, I’ve got to say I like how the bottom half of the poll fleshed itself out. Fans across the country are buying in to some teams that they may not have thought much of early in the year, but at the half way point, these teams are starting to look legit. Minnesota jumped from unranked to #15 this week, and a nice 6-0 record next to their name is a big reason why. Yes, even if most of those wins have been bt razor thin margins.

Missouri, Baylor, Cincinnati, and App State also made the jump from unranked into the Top 25 this week, along with SMU reaching #17 and Boise creeping up to #13. Ignore the feasibility of the concept, but I would watch the hell out of a Boise/SMU/Cincinnati/App State G5 Playoff.

I’m not sure I really understand this one. Just a week after Auburn fans’ confidence in the direction of the program tanked from 94% to 63%, the number rebounded back up to 83% after an off week. Did seeing Florida lose get 20% of you back on board?

In reality, it’s likely that some of us may have been a BIT too dramatic after that loss in Gainesville. College football fans? Dramatic? Who knew?

I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t vote for him too, but how weird is it to see an LSU quarterback with a sizable Heisman plurality half way through the year? HIs numbers are just stupid. Burrow is completing just a tick under 80% of his throws for 11.6 yards per attempt at a 25:3 touchdown to interception ratio! If LSU would have had a typical LSU defense, they’d be runaway title favorites right now. Luckily, they are’t totally invulnerable, even if they do have one of (if not THE) best passing offenses in the country. Crazyness.

It’s not too late to sign up to be a part of FanPulse! If you aren’t a voter yet, sign up here and watch for an email on Sunday morning asking you to vote.

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