Was Auburn Victory a Miracle Win for Tigers?

Monday, September 2, 2019

Was Auburn Victory a Miracle Win for Tigers?

Auburn wide receiver Seth Williams (18) catches the game winning touchdown pass guarded by Oregon defensive back Verone McKinley III (23) at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019. Auburn defeated Oregon 27-21.
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Has there ever been a more anticipated debut for an Auburn player than that of freshman Bo Nix? The hype surrounding the freshman has grown exponentially since the five star signed with the Tigers back in February.

Mr. Alabama Football had led his high school team to back to back state titles but even that paled in comparison to the pressure of being the Tigers’ signal caller against Pac12 power Oregon on national TV and in the same place the Dallas Cowboys play on Sundays.

 No one could deny he had the tools to be an outstanding collegiate player. However, one question awaited was he ready to handle the pressure of leading a top power-5 team on the big stage? We all know he passed the test completing a pass to give what some in the media have labeled a miracle win.

Yet in the days since the Tigers’ victory, some have questioned Nix’s performance. They point to his less than auspicious first half completing only 6 for 20 passes with two interceptions. One reason for that was that he made some freshman mistakes; more importantly, he also did not have the help of a consistent running game.

But when the O-Line got it together and stared opening holes for the backs, Bo showed what he could do. In fact in the fourth quarter it was Nix who was the best quarterback in the game; not the senior Heisman prospect Justin Herbett.

He more than answered the question if he could handle the pressure. In the game winning drive he showed the type of poise of a veteran with ice water in his veins, throwing the game winner touchdown with nine clicks left on the clock.

He improved as the game progressed. And what we saw was a freshman grows up before our eyes. If he can continue to get help from his running game, there’s no telling how far he can lead this team.

So did Bo deliver a miracle win for the Tigers? I don’t think so. When you’re down 21- 6 at the beginning of the third quarter and you’re defense effectively shuts down the projected No.1 QB for the next NFL Draft and you’re offense scores 21 unanswered points in the last half … you earned it.

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