Attack the Aggies! (Auburn vs. New Mexico State, Open Thread.)

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Attack the Aggies! (Auburn vs. New Mexico State, Open Thread.)

Tigers must be on upset alert, against this team.
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     War Eagle, everybody! Today marks Auburn’s first game in the 2019 NCAA basketball tournament. Auburn drew a 5 seed in the midwest bracket, and will face the New Mexico State Aggies in Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. This arena is the home of the Utah Jazz NBA franchise, and NBA players regularly complain about the lack of air in this venue, as it is located more than 4200 feet above sea level.

     I know that the naysayers will laugh about an apparent Auburn issue playing at altitude, and will mention that New Mexico State has to play in it, too. Folks, the Aggie home court is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and it is 4300 plus feet above sea level. These guys practice and play in that environment, nearly every day. It’s a huge advantage. Also, Salt Lake city is a long way from Alabama. I would point out that it’s also a really difficult drive from Las Cruses, through a lot of switchback Rocky Mountain roads. The Aggie home is in south central New Mexico, and they have to drive from there through the Four Corners area to even get to Utah, and Salt Lake is in the northern end of that state. This whole area is very rugged, and beautiful. I’ve only seen it out the window of airplanes.

     Auburn won the SEC tournament due to depth, having to play 4 games in 4 days. Depth won’t save Auburn against New Mexico State. Those guys regularly play 13 men. The real hope is that the Aggies do not regularly play against players that have the size and speed Auburn’s guys do. Auburn was quicker than every SEC team they faced in Nashville this past tournament, and I’m hoping that New Mexico State will have a hard time adapting, as well.

     This game tips off at 12:30 PM, Central Daylight Time, in Salt Lake City, Utah. It will be televised on the TNT network. That’s channel 781 if you have a Charter/Spectrum box. Not sure about other TV providers. If you have to stream it, your best bet is March Madness Live. I will be here, running an open thread. This will not be a strict play-by-play, as there is no way I can type as fast as Auburn runs their offense! I will more be exclaiming on big plays, relating the score, and doing color commentary. War Eagle, and let’s smash those Aggies!

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