Auburn Saga Continues – Hugh Freeze Hiring Looks Less Likely

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Auburn Saga Continues – Hugh Freeze Hiring Looks Less Likely

The latest in Auburn’s search for a new offensive coordinator has revealed just how much Gus Malzahn has been handicapped by a new deal worked out last week to retain his position as head coach. He reportedly accepted an offer from President Steven Leath that included limitations on his authority to run the program.

Yesterday we saw the beginning of what some of those limitations include. It seems Gus wants to hire former Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze to replace the departed Chip Lindsey as offensive coordinator. He’s a proven commodity that could re-energize the Tiger offense. To get Freeze, he would need to offer a two year contract. However, the school will only allow Malzahn to offer a single year deal.

When Auburn has a chance to hire one of the most sought after and available coaches in the country, Gus has his hands tied. . Freeze is being heavily courted by several schools including Florida State, Tennessee, Liberty and maybe Alabama. Someone will get his services next year but it at this point  doesn’t look like it be Auburn. Unfortunately it has the  appearance of trying to make things difficult for Malzahn.

It’s more than mystifying why this saga continues. Why can’t Leath see how making moves that will hinder a coach from being successful hurts not only Gus but the players, the assistant coaches, and ultimately the alumni and fans? The fall out could not only negatively affect recruiting but cause future quality coaches to think twice before considering taking a job at Auburn.

By his actions since last December, Dr Leath has proven that he was ill prepared to manage a situation involving a football program in the SEC. Nevertheless he doesn’t need to keep mismanaging the situation when he has someone on staff who is supposed to be charged with stewardship of all of all athletic programs on the Plains – Athleltic Director Allen Greene.

Surely with his many years in the profession Greene understands what is needed as well as the serious implications of continuing down this path. If only Dr Leath would give him a chance to run the athletic program.

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