A Cool Christmas Gift for that Special Auburn Person

Sunday, December 9, 2018

A Cool Christmas Gift for that Special Auburn Person

Note: I was not paid for this review nor do I receive any money from purchases of the FOCO Jordan-Hare Stadium replica. I was simply supplied the product for review.

Those of you who’ve been around Track’em Tigers know that we don’t do a whole lot of product reviews. Occasionally, something will catch our eye that warrants review. Such is the case with a new product by Forever Collectibles (FOCO).

I was contacted by them shortly after seeing their Stadium Series in stores. It caught my eye right away and I have to say it’s very cool. It’s essentially a Lego-like replica of Jordan-Hare Stadium. The detail is amazing. It comes in 3,708 glorious pieces and is recommended for ages 12 and up.

FOCO is known for doing a number of these replica stadiums including Fenway Park which is next on my list. In fact, a visit to their website shows replicas of stadiums covering not only college, but MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and the Premier League.

I promised the folks at FOCO that I’d get a review up before Christmas, so in full-disclosure, I’m not completely finished with construction, but thanks to my wife, we are making great progress.

Opening the box, you find six packages of parts along with the board used for construction. Admittedly, out of the box, the task looks daunting. Kudos to the designers at FOCO. The instructions are easy to follow and 100 percent visual with great pictures to follow.

Once you get into the flow, construction moves fast. It’s pretty thrilling to see the stadium start coming together. I’m not a mechanical person. My wife loves to point that out. But even for me, the process is painless and quite fun.

I’ve got big plans for the final product. It will sit on my desk in a place of honor. If all goes well, that will be sometime in the next few days. I can’t stress enough the detail involved. FOCO put in a lot of time getting it right. It looks just like Jordan-Hare Stadium!

So who does this product appeal to? The answer is simple and broad. Anyone who loves Auburn and likes to tackle cool projects, this is your Christmas gift. If you are having a hard time finding that perfect gift for that special Auburn person, you can’t go wrong with the Stadium Series from FOCO.

To order, click here.

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