What an AUsome Week!

Friday, October 19, 2018

What an AUsome Week!

Wow! We flew into Salt Lake City on Saturday and then, on Sunday, went to see the Great Salt Lake. As shown above, it is fabulous! 

Just as it should be, the sun is Orange and the sky is Blue. I couldn’t believe I was in position to take this picture. Also, seeing the wild Bison roaming around is something we don’t often see in Atlanta.

On Monday we took a trip down to Capitol Reef National Park and then to Canyonlands National Park; both of which are spectacular! We spent the night in Moab and, on Tuesday, spent time driving through and hiking Arches National Park. If you haven’t been, then by all means, go.

Come Wednesday, it was back to Salt Lake City where I attended my 30th Jimmy Buffett concert – front row center for this one – and it was great! (The better half even managed to catch one of JB’s wristbands; for whatever that’s worth…)

Sorry, wait. What did you say? This is a blog about Auburn Football? Oh, okay. Sorry. I was having positive thoughts.

Well, on this past dreadful Saturday, we were on a Delta flight to Salt Lake City and I didn’t get to see Auburn play football. But, it seems that even those in attendance didn’t get to see Auburn play football, either.  

And, because of this trip, we gave away our tickets to a neighboring family who are, as luck would have it, Tennessee alum. I still like them as they had no impact on an Auburn loss. Or at least no more impact than I have on an Auburn win.

I love Auburn and I support the University. Even more, I support our student athletes. I’m somewhat glad I did not witness this past week’s debacle.

I don’t know what to think at this point. I hope the coaching staff can instill some confidence into the team as a whole, or maybe the guys can become a “team” in spite of everything else.

As a youngster, I was told that “life isn’t fair” and you have to “pick yourself up by the bootstraps” and succeed.

I am hopeful this team can do that. It’s called life and these guys are getting some “real world” experience into that. How they handle it remains to be seen. Solid guidance and leadership can reap rewards in this regard. I am hopeful the coaches can provide this.

Our flight back to Atlanta will also conflict with the ability to watch Auburn play Ole Miss.

I seriously hope I’m disappointed in not being able to watch this one.

In any event…

It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger and WAR EAGLE!!

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