Monday Musings

Monday, October 29, 2018

Monday Musings

Much has been made on message boards about Gus Malzahn flying to New York during his off weekend to be on the CBS Pregame Show. Many argue he should have been in Auburn preparing for Texas A&M. The optics couldn’t have been worse if you’re looking at it from an Auburn perspective.

Your team has underachieved more than any other and you’re mugging for the cameras in the Big Apple instead of dissecting game film. It’s a tough call. The exposure was enormous for the Auburn program, but so is winning.

I can’t imagine Nick Saban doing this a week before the LSU game. For Malzahn, this game is perhaps bigger than Saban’s game in Baton Rouge. He may be coaching for his job. I would have passed on the chance and stayed in the office. In the end, will it have an impact on the outcome? Probably not, but the look is not a good one…

Texas A&M is a struggling football team. The Aggies looked downright awful at Miss. State on offense and their somewhat heralded defense wasn’t much better. Coming off a bye week, if Malzahn doesn’t get it done Saturday, the heat will be turned up in ways we haven’t seen since 2012. There will be few excuses to be made. Auburn is expected to be close to 100 percent healthy for the first time in weeks…

Should Malzahn falter Saturday and then lose to Georgia and Alabama, he may not be the only one in jeopardy. Sources close to the program say that unhappiness with Steven Leath is intensifying because of his handling of Malzahn’s contract extension last year.

Auburn Undercover writer Phillip Marshall wrote this about Leath’s handling of the extension: “According to a source familiar with the circumstances and with Leath’s thinking, Leath’s inexperience was a problem. He’d arrived at Auburn from Iowa State only the previous July.

“If a coach at Iowa State beat two No. 1 teams in three weeks, he’d have lifetime security,” the source said. “It wouldn’t matter what else he did for a long time. This ain’t Iowa State.”

It goes back to what I wrote a few weeks back: A school president with little to no business background shouldn’t be allowed to make multi-million dollar decisions. It’s the craziest thing in the world. Hire a CEO to run the University. It’s a business, not a high school…

Flipping through the channels on Saturday, I’ve never seen SEC officiating so bad. Auburn has been victimized more than once, but it’s not just the Tigers . And, the play calling across the conference has hit an all-time low.

With the SEC now a billion-dollar industry, isn’t it time to hire full-time officials? The fat-middle aged car salesman that works for the SEC part-time is not getting it. These games mean too much for inept officials to mess up the outcome…

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