Titanic Tigers Tilt! (Auburn vs. LSU, Open Thread.)

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Titanic Tigers Tilt! (Auburn vs. LSU, Open Thread.)

It’s the biggest war in the SEC, today.
(Photo by Acid Reign.)

     War Eagle, everybody! Today marks the 2018 SEC home opener for the Auburn Tigers. The LSU Tigers come calling, as the two SEC teams with the biggest wins this season to date, will square off. The Auburn Tigers, with a big win over the Washington Huskies, and the LSU Tigers, conquerors of the Miami Hurricanes, will have it out at Jordan Hare Stadium. The winner of this game stays atop the SEC Western Division, while the loser will limp off and try to regroup.

     This is the CBS game of the week, and will be nationally televised on broadcast TV, at 2:30 PM Central Time. Check your local listings. For the Birmingham area, I plan to switch over from my cable box to my antenna, on channel 42.1, and I’ll be tapping into every source I can, for this game.

     It’s going to be a hot one in Jordan Hare Stadium, with temps in the low 90s at kickoff, with plenty of sun. There is virtually no chance of rain today, as sinking air motion on the periphery of Hurricane Florence is bringing dry air to the state of Alabama. Folks at the stadium will be treated to a first quarter afternoon half-moon, high above the field.

     As always, feel free to join in and enjoy this thread. I will at the keyboard for my usual play by play, armed with a strong mug of coffee, and various snacks. I won’t be able to stick around after the game ends, as duty beckons after that. I sincerely have enjoyed watching 12 hours of football the past couple of Saturdays, but that won’t be possible again, for a while. In fact, I probably won’t really fire up commentating, till near kickoff on this one. War Eagle, and let’s whip those Bengal Tigers!

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