Rope the Razorbacks! (Auburn vs. Arkansas Open Thread)

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Rope the Razorbacks! (Auburn vs. Arkansas Open Thread)

Tigers need to apply the heat!

     War Eagle, everybody! Tonight, the Auburn Tigers host the Arkansas Razorbacks in Jordan-Hare Stadium. Both teams are coming off disappointing losses and looking to redeem their respective seasons. For Auburn, it’s a week to recover from a soul-sapping home loss to LSU. For Arkansas, it’s an opportunity to shake off bad losses to a couple of Group of Five teams. However, at this time Arkansas is undefeated in the SEC, and Auburn is not.

     This game has been shunted all the way down to last place on the day and will not kick off till 6:30 PM Central time on the SEC Network. I think Auburn attendees at this game will be grateful for the evening kickoff time. It has been a pretty hot and miserable September in this state, featuring some of the hottest temps of the summer. Strange year.

     At kickoff for this one, temperatures should be around 86°F, falling to near 80° when this one ends around 10:30 PM. It should be partly cloudy with a slight chance of a shower. Near the end of the game, fans on the west side of the stadium should be treated to the rise of a nearly full Corn Moon over the east stands. Hopefully, Auburn will have ground the Hogs into paste by then!

     As always, feel free to join in and enjoy this thread. I will be at the keyboard for my usual play by play, although I will be operating remotely at a social event on my Thinkpad, and glomming off the wifi there. A lot of my speed cheats won’t work in that environment. Expect less detail and some dropouts, too. Hopefully Auburn runs this score up so quickly that the drama won’t matter. War Eagle! And let’s beat those Hogs!

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