Wednesday Ramblings

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wednesday Ramblings

Well, I named it “Rambling” for a reason…

Has anyone talked about the “dead” period during the summer? I mean the really dead period where there is no college football and the highlights are re-watching Auburn beat Number 1 Georgia and Number 1 Alabama – only to totally collapse in the SEC Championship Game and yet again against the self-proclaimed “National Champion” UCF Knights?


You mean you really haven’t thought about that? Well, some of us did… And we want something better this year!

Auburn has the talent and the experience to take this game to the next level but the talent has to be backed up with the proper mindset and, to no lesser extent, game management and coaching.

If you think you can win, then you might. If you don’t think you can win, then you won’t.

As the opening day game against the Huskies of Washington approaches, where does Auburn stand?

I have no doubt that the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta will be filled with mostly Auburn fans – the game is far closer for Tiger fans than Husky fans but this didn’t figure in when it counted last year.

Three straight games in Atlanta and, so far, Auburn is 0-2. Time to change that, but…

What chance can we possibly have?

Well, I think this is where it gets interesting.

There is no doubt that Coach Peterson is one of the best in the business. He isn’t Saint Nick but, on the West Coast, he is pretty close.

Auburn and its defense will be up against one of the more prolific offenses in college football. Now it is true that Washington plays a somewhat expected West Coast defense that Auburn should be able to exploit but only if Auburn plays its game and doesn’t play to the strengths of its opponent.

Auburn has to play SEC football and, if done properly, should be sufficient. (My thoughts only.) Stated mildly, Auburn needs this win. A win sets the stage.

But, before Auburn has even played a game there is fall camp. Auburn has yet another QB now participating and, while I don’t see this QB being a factor this year, it is still nice to have a mature body taking part in fall camp. We will be in attendance on August 18th to see a real scrimmage and I am hoping to see good things. In years past these have been “nothing held back” seriously pads on pads scrimmages. It is almost a wonder that more players don’t get hurt during these.

All I really know is that we are just over three weeks away from the time that toe meets leather and it just won’t get here soon enough.

I guess we will see what our guys in Orange and Blue can do and we shall go from there.

But, gosh, what would a win to start the season mean?


We have four home games in a row following the Chick-Fil-A Kickoff against Washington and two of those home games are SEC battles against LSU and Arkansas.

Auburn has a chance here to travel to StarkVegas undefeated, but this will take some early season work that we simply are not used to seeing; especially given the past couple of years.

Here is hoping that the coaching staff is on the same page, that the staff believes in its players, and that…

Well, we all get the points…

So, as we count down the days, as we pull out our already grey hair (for me at least), as we talk across cubicles in our everyday workplace, as we grumble about “this or that”, it is time to put away all the negative thoughts and think, in a very positive manner, about just how good Auburn will be this year.

Please let us know your thoughts as well…

War Eagle!!                             





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