‘Worst Case Scenario’ Ends The 2018 Football Season

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

‘Worst Case Scenario’ Ends The 2018 Football Season


The 2018 football season has ended about as painlessly as ripping off that band-aid you’ve avoided doing for so long. The other team in the state of Alabama wins their 17th national championship (by their measurements). 

Georgia made a run for the ages and went through all of the proper playoff protocol – winning the SEC East, winning the SEC Championship and winning an epic game in round 1 of the playoffs. Kudos to Georgia for that special run which will only be built on with their recruiting efforts while still breaking in the new Kirby Smart era. 

For UAT it was a different story. Auburn basically helped UAT prime for this run.  Auburn beating Bama kept Bama out of the SEC game allowing them to rest for an extended period of time while the championship games played out.  \

Not winning anything of note in the regular season but votes from a selection committee placed them in a familiar position and in a game the voters built up like it was the best thing since sliced bread (vs. Clemson, part ‘whatever’). The only shining moment of all of this is that it was an all-SEC National Title Game. Say what you will about the UAT fan base but Saban truly is the best coach, maybe in the game of football ever (IMO).

There was a comment a few weeks back from a TET member prior to the playoffs that read something like “for any smack talk from Bama fans you can remind them that they are playing catch-up and that we already beat two playoff teams.  And if the ‘worst case scenario’ plays out well…” Something to that nature. Guess what? The worst case scenario played out in brutal fashion. 

Outside of the JJ era for me, this was the worst season to have been an Auburn fan. I’m not going to take anything away from our players doing some special things this season, but in the end, none of that mattered. Auburn won the SEC West while the SEC West runner up won the National Championship. The Tigers beat both UAT and Georgia when they were ranked No.1 and undefeated. In the end, none of that mattered. Auburn didn’t get the job done, noted. What we did get done turned bitter-sweet and did not make a dent in the big picture.

I saw a picture of Gus in the stadium watching this game play out. I would love to know what his thoughts were about all of this. Optimistic coach-speak aside. I want to know Gus felt the burn like the fans and that he actually has a sense of urgency this coming season with the talent to do something about it. 

Obviously just beating Bama is not going to cut it, as special as that is these days to do.  I’ve preached consistency all season (or lack there of). Consistency is what we need to get back to the playoffs. That’s consistent coaching and consistent performance by the players. This is not an easy game and Auburn plays the best teams in America week in and week out. But if there’s something to be said about UAT getting it done is that it can be done, consistently. We can forge our own path ahead but the results have to line up with Gus’ pay, player talent and ‘consistency.’

Another season in the books and another optimistic off-season ahead. Cheers to my fellow Auburn Alum, fans and faithful. Cheers to Acid for his ongoing efforts to keep us on top of things. 

War Eagle!  Happy 2018!!

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