Come On Bring The Noize

Friday, November 24, 2017

Come On Bring The Noize

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Wow, the stadium was loud for the Georgia game.

If possible, and I hope it is, we need to be even louder for this Bama game, and their fans, and their players. If you are not in the stadium, then you need to yell at the TV. Get your family and friends and YELL together – JHS needs the NOIZE!!

We need to “feel the noize” – today in Jordan-Hare Stadium. Auburn needs this game, maybe more in theory than in fact, but wait no, that is totally incorrect. Auburn needs to win this game for any reason imaginable because, well, this is Auburn vs. Alabama. There has to exist no other reason – Auburn needs to win. Auburn should “want” to win and in a big way.

This game is for the SEC West Championship. This game is a chance to play, yet again, a top-10 Georgia team, for the SEC Championship, once Auburn takes down yet another Number One team. This game is, following a loss by Number 2 Miami on Friday, Auburn’s chance to enter into the conversation of being in the Top Four of the CFP; a conversation in which Auburn is already engaged.  But a win over the Tide will make such conversation even more realistic.

I may “wax poetic” at times but Auburn needs to win this game, win it as big as possible and the fans need to “BRING THE NOIZE”!  In that regard, let us all do our part – the “NOIZE” made a difference in the Georgia game – let it make a difference today!!




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