What to Think?

Saturday, October 21, 2017

What to Think?

Julie Bennett |

I am honored to be joining the writing staff here at Track ‘Em Tigers. As AubTigerman mentioned in his introduction article I have filled in for National Signing Day coverage for TET the past couple of years but, as something of an introduction myself, let me just state that I’m surprised I didn’t say War Eagle before anything else. Yes, I’m Auburn through and through and that will simply never change.

I am a Lifetime Member of the Auburn Alumni Association and, living in the Metro Atlanta area, I’m very active in the Atlanta Auburn Club. I’ve had season tickets since I graduated and follow all things Auburn and always will. So, with intro nonsense about me out of the way, I don’t know …

“What to think.”

Following the debacle in Louisiana (which we witnessed in person), I stated in a comment that I no longer know what to think as it relates to Auburn Football. I did not follow the “24-hour rule” and allowed emotion to dictate those comments during the game and afterward. I have since stepped back from the ledge a bit but I still don’t exactly know. “What to think.”

What to think about the loss last week? I think it should never have occurred. Period, end of sentence. 

What to think about the starting QB being unable to call an audible? Call me ignorant, but I think there should always be a “backup” play as an option the QB can utilize at his discretion. I’ve never played the game and certainly cannot coach, ergo, ignorant in this regard.

What to think about a quote from the Head Coach that states, “Jarrett probably has more flexibility than any quarterback that we’ve had since I’ve been in college,” Malzahn said. “From the standpoint to change protections, the RPOs, the decision-making, he probably has more freedom than any quarterback we’ve had.” I think this quote tells us nothing and does not dispel the story that the QB cannot call an audible.

What to think about the play calling in the second half? I think it left a lot to be desired. We have been assured that play calling in Reynolds Razorback Stadium will not be an issue. Some players interviewed following the loss at LSU said that it was their execution, not the play calling, that was the issue.

What to think about having to shift the OL due to injury? I think this probably dictated both the play calling as well as the push LSU was able to achieve in the second half. I think AU had the offensive line positions covered very well until center Casey Dunn had to come out. The Dunn injury, combined with Mike Horton not making the trip, didn’t help the line. I think there is no way by which this wasn’t impactful in a negative manner.

What to think about the defense? I think Auburn would have played better with Tre’ Williams. To add insult to injury, with no real pun intended, losing Tray Matthews for the second half was an uphill battle and the AU defense suffered because of his abscence.

What to think about the definition of “closer to 100%” especially as it relates to Kam Pettway? I’m sure we’ve also been told this as it relates to other players. I think I have no clue what “closer to 100%” really means. We aren’t being provided a baseline so “closer” can be defined as just “better”, I suppose. I have to hope that “closer” is at least in the 90th percentile.

What to think about Kyle Davis? I think team rules were apparently broken, so I’m okay with players having to learn life’s lessons the hard way. After all, life is tough and it isn’t fair. I’ve certainly had to learn a few of those lessons and learn them the hard way. Let’s hope that those departing Auburn learn their lessons and strive to be better individuals on and off the playing field.

What to think about recruiting? I think I’m a bit curious as to the overall objective. Does AU try and find able receivers and beef up this part of the lineup? Or, maybe think forward and plan for forthcoming losses in other critical areas? Not much to be written at this point. But TET will be right here come National Signing Day so don’t let our coverage worry you.

What to think about Arkansas? I think Auburn should ride in and completely dominate this game from start to finish; no holding back. I think Auburn needs to make a statement and show the doubters that last week was truly an anomaly where the “better” team did not win, but actually “lost” the game.

And lastly, what to think about Auburn? I think this game against Arkansas will at least define “something” but, what?

As always, Acid will have the live game day open thread up later so please tune in for that and participate if and when you can!

It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger and until next week; what to think?

I think, WAR EAGLE!!

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