Last Week Was Fun, But What Does the Future Hold?

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Last Week Was Fun, But What Does the Future Hold?


I wonder how the debacle in Tiger Stadium would have turned out if Auburn had played the style of offense we saw against Arkansas. I think we would have witnessed a better game, to say the least.

Rumors are again making circles around the Internet related to the imminent demise of AD Jay Jacobs. There has been nothing published that even remotely references anything other than “sources state.”  I don’t know if these rumors are true, but I certainly have no credible evidence to substantiate any arguments to the contrary. I also have zilch to support the rumors. We will find out whenever an announcement is made.

The topic of Coach Gus Malzahn and “what to do about Gus?”—in some manner—has bounced around for a while but especially after the LSU game. There are a number of things that irritate, frustrate, aggravate, and exasperate me as relates to Gus. I don’t have the time and space to go into this, but I’m sure these are shared by many, and you already know what they are.

I am not yet on the firing side of the fence. I hope that thought process has no reason to change this season. My quandary, as has been expressed elsewhere on TET, is who does Auburn hire?

This is a year when we could see numerous coaching changes made just in the SEC. And there may be other changes at the FBS level. So, the competition for seriously qualified coaches is going to be fierce.

Take care of Texas A&M and Georgia and it will probably be a moot point. Win out and make the SEC Championship game and it’s a no-brainer.

The wife and I attended a fun little social Wednesday night at the home of former Auburn and NFL player Wayne Gandy who played host to Atlanta Auburn Club’s “Circle of 100”. In addition to Wayne and his lovely wife, Angelia, in attendance were head baseball coach Butch Thompson, former Auburn and NFL players Steve Wallace and Jason Campbell, and head of AU basketball operations, Randall Dickey. It was a very nice evening and Wayne has the epitome of a “man cave!”

This week Auburn has a bye so, hopefully, there’s a chance for the players to rest, recuperate, and ready themselves for what, I’m afraid, will be a tough road game in College Station. it will also be a chance for the coaches to instill a proper game plan, resulting in what all Tiger fans want.

Texas A&M only allowed Bama to score 27 while scoring 19 against the Tide defense. I am not sure if that speaks more to the A&M defense, an off-game for Bama, a combination thereof, or the 12th Man. But, on the road at Kyle Field I would take that score if in Auburn’s favor.

Auburn will have to be ready to play and play early. That means early, as in getting off to a fast start, and early, as in the 11:00 AM CT kickoff.

Until next time, It’s Great to be an Auburn Tiger and…


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