Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

Friday, September 15, 2017

Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

Two games into the season and it already feels like a long one in many ways. For the third consecutive year, Auburn has sputtered out of the gate and it has left many fans wondering if this is the new ‘normal’ for Auburn football.
Gus Malzahn is now at the center of most fans’ frustrations – and those frustrations range from simply wanting to see significant offensive evolution (or really any) to basic indifference until his replacement is found.
It’s far too early to speculate on any possible moves the athletic department might make concerning Gus’s fate however. The team is settling in to a “new” offensive system and coordinator. That is a legitimate cause for patience, but Auburn fans are understandably growing weary from being asked to do so.
What cannot be denied is that at some point since the end of the 2014 season, Gus Malzahn had lost his way. Gone are his out-of-the-box concepts that wreaked havoc on defenses and in their place he has introduced game-plans that are either basic & lacking flair or so preposterously overcooked that I am not even sure the coaches know how the final product should look.
The ‘mad scientist’ has gone completely mad
A fair question many fans are now asking themselves is this: “If Gus is an offensive genius, and our offense is bad, then what good is Gus?” Ultimately, that’s going to be answered by the man himself as the rest of this season progresses.
Gus Malzahn has to prove he’s capable of getting it done when all of the pieces he needs come together. Is he still the guru that once looked to challenged Nick Saban’s defenses almost universally? Or is Gus Malzahn too far gone to turn it around?
Also, be sure to check out TET Podcast Episode #4 w/ myself and Zach Taylor. We discuss the Clemson game, the de-evolution of Gus, and what the rest of the season might hold for Auburn.

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