#TETtailgate Challenge Preview: Year Three

Thursday, August 31, 2017

#TETtailgate Challenge Preview: Year Three


It’s game week, folks! 

You know what that means! Tailgating on the Plains is just days away. And, back for year number three is the Track ‘Em Tigers #TETtailgate Challenge! 

Do you and your friends take great pride in your tailgate? Do you put more thought into your tailgate than you did to your career choice? Are you more excited about gathering with your friends and family around copious amounts of delicious food than actually going to or watching the game? Well, maybe that’s a stretch…..

Track ‘Em Tigers wants to see and hear all about your tailgate. More importantly, we want to acknowledge your hard work and dedication to celebrating the Auburn Tigers every single game. We want to see how all of our readers show their school spirit in their own way.  

It doesn’t have to be tailgating in the shadow of Jordan-Hare. It can be a viewing party where all of your friends grill out and throw cornhole. It can simply be your decisions on delectable Saturday dishes for you and your family. 

Using Twitter or Instagram, use the hashtag #TETtailgate and tag @TrackemTigers and @Best5Zach. Give us a brief description of what makes your tailgate tradition special. Make sure to tell us about any special visitors or fans from the other team whom you hosted. Let other fans learn special tips and tricks that you employ. Most importantly, post pictures of and recipes for your best tailgate dishes. We want all the details! 

Additionally, I will be posting how my friends, family, and I spend our game days. Not only will that include some pictures and tailgate ideas but some awesome recipes! 

Each week, I will choose a special tailgate and feature it as a weekly winner of the tailgate challenge. I’ll also show the best crowd selfie, best food, and most team spirit.

Use those hashtags and start posting! I already have!

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