Junior college did 'thorough investigation' of former Auburn tight end Landon Rice, coach says

Monday, August 7, 2017

Junior college did 'thorough investigation' of former Auburn tight end Landon Rice, coach says

Mississippi Gulf Coast C.C. performed a "thorough investigation" into Landon Rice before allowing the former Auburn tight end to join its football program after a Auburn University Title IX investigation found he was responsible for sexual assault and suspended him from the school for eight years, according to the junior college's coach.

MGCCC coach Chad Huff told The Sun Herald the program looked into "all the details" before allowing Rice, who arrived at the junior college in the spring, to join the team.

"We did a thorough investigation of all the details involved with the mom, dad, all the attorneys at hand and their staffs and it was good," Huff said, according to the Sun Herald. "He has been awesome this offseason. He has been a leader who stepped up and nothing but positive and good for this football team. I'm hoping we can continue to count on him and see this thing on through."

Rice's accuser's family and lawyer were not contacted by anyone at MGCCC, according to a source with knowledge of the matter.

The report states Huff claimed he also consulted with Auburn coach Gus Malzahn about Rice, whose brother, Logan, is a wide receiver at Auburn.

Landon Rice left Auburn in September after a university Title IX investigation found he was responsible for a sexual assault in April 2016 and banned him from the school until the fall of 2024.

In April, a Lee County grand jury declined to indict Rice on any charge connected to the rape accusation made against him by a female student in July 2016. There is no statute of limitations for felony first-degree rape and there is a three-year statute of limitations on felony sexual abuse in the state of Alabama.

Later that month, a Twitter account appearing to belong to Landon Rice tweeted he received an offer from Louisville, which later denied it was recruiting him. The tweet and the account were later deleted.

Based on the findings of Auburn University's Title IX investigation, if a school in the SEC, Big XII, Pac-12 or Indiana University wished to sign Rice it would need to seek and be granted a waiver due to policies by those conferences regarding "serious misconduct."

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