SNAP JUDGMENTS: Auburn 17, Missouri 14

Sunday, September 25, 2022

SNAP JUDGMENTS: Auburn 17, Missouri 14

NCAA Football: Missouri at Auburn
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For the degenerates.

Yesterday may go down in history as true proof of concept for Bryan Harsin and company, but it was such an Auburn game in such an Auburn situation that we’re still trying to make sense of what actually happened.

What did the College and Mag staff think?


I’ve said for a year that the minute Bryan Harsin is fired that Auburn will get better. Auburn’s going to get better on a Sunday somewhere here these next few weeks.

-Josh Black

-AU Chief


-Josh Dub

Somewhere around the 3rd quarter I let all the anger, sadness & frustration fade away so that I could fully experience what was actually happening. Thank you Auburn. Thank you Missouri. For showing us all what it means to be alive in this broken world.

-AU Nerd

Today changes nothing, but it was nice to win one

-James Jones

“The world isn’t short on wonders, but it is often short on wonder”- Chesterton

-Son of Crow

Well… we won a football game today. Plenty of other schools out there wish they could say the same. I don’t really want to speak of this game ever again.

-Will McLaughlin

App State 1999

Mississippi State 2008

Tennessee 2008

ULM 2012

Jacksonville State 2015

And now Missouri 2022

Not a coincidence that a bunch of those wins happened in coaches’ last seasons before getting fired. I think Harsin’s fate is sealed when Georgia names its score in two weeks, but we’ll enjoy a win either way.

-Jack Condon

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