Mid-Week Review: Auburn vs Samford (Hoover Met)

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Mid-Week Review: Auburn vs Samford (Hoover Met)

  • WED: 6-1 L

Ever gone to the ballpark and absolutely nothing works that day? The offense just didn’t travel on Wednesday, which isn’t shocking. The Hoover Met is massive and if you have been somewhat reliant on the bomb like Auburn has this season, it is a bit tougher to get runs on the board. The other thing to that is that the Samford pitching staff was really good, striking out 13 while giving up matching 3 free passes and 3 hits and not allowing the run until the 8th inning with a 6 nothing lead. On the other side, the Auburn defense was really good as always and, while the Auburn pitching staff struck out nine and all in all wasn’t that bad, they walked eight Bulldogs, three of which came around to score and a fourth scored who was hit by a pitch. It’s complete ifs and buts, but if you take those off it’s a 2-1 game again. However, there wasn’t enough offense for the Tigers and that happens sometimes. So, you flush it and get ready for the weekend. In the grand scheme of things, Auburn’s season is six games to try and make it back to the Met. With Auburn’s record, the NCAA tournament is a pipe dream without winning the SEC Tournament which…yeah.


vs Texas A&M

  • FRI: 6:00 PM (SECN+)
  • SAT: 2:00 PM (SECN+)
  • SUN: 1:00 PM (SECN+)

Auburn will welcome in the Aggies for the final home series of the year and it is a big one, as they all are in May. The Aggies haven’t really had the season they are use to under Rob Childress but are on a high after their series win over Ole Miss last weekend. A&M has had a season a lot like Auburn has, Offense not truly being an issue, but keeping teams off the board is the problem. Leading A&M is the teams Triple Crown leader Will Frizzell with a .349 BA, 18 Home Runs and 47 RBIs. The next closest guy to Frizzell is Austin Bost, who will enter the weekend with a .318 BA, 9 bombs and 33 RBIs. Keep an eye on Roy Alejo as well. The Center Fielder and leadoff hitter has a .322 with 2 dingers and 20 RBIs. On the mound for the Aggies, Friday nights have been manned by Dustin Saenz who enters game 1 (more than likely) with a 4.48 ERA in 70.1 innings. He has also given up a team leading 13 doubles and 9 bombs, which also leads the team. Last weekend, Chris Weber got the nod on Saturday to make his 6th start of the year and though the Aggies lost the game, it really wasn’t because of him, so we will project that he gets the nod once again. Weber has a 3.88 ERA in 48.2 innings of work. This may be a staff sort of outing for A&M so I could see them moving Weber to Sunday as well. Last week, Nathan Dettmer got the start but only got an inning of work in before he got the hook. The hero of the day was Bryce Miller who went 5 innings and gave the Aggie offense time to make a furious comeback. Much like Auburn, A&M has one or two true starters and the rest can give some excellent spot work but it’s a roll of the dice from there. This is a series that Auburn has got to win if it wants to go to Hoover. LSU has all but locked up the 11th spot to Hoover and with their schedule I don’t see them letting go of it. That leaves one spot for three teams. I will say Auburn takes the series 2-1 but it will be touch and go as it has been all season.

Regardless of the outcome, if you are anywhere near Auburn and are looking to be outside, go watch some baseball. The juniors and seniors on this team have gotten Auburn back into the national view with the NCAA tournament and College World Series trips and, even with a season like they have had this year, instead of ‘oh that’s just what Auburn’s become’, the narrative now, because of these guys is ‘Oh wow, what’s wrong with Auburn? That’s not who this program is.’ And all of that has happened within the past three years, because of these coaches and players.

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