Fourth of July Week and Track ‘Em Tiger’s Auburn Football Hall of Fame Nominations

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Fourth of July Week and Track ‘Em Tiger’s Auburn Football Hall of Fame Nominations

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July 4th is a time for fireworks, picnics, and vacations. And, traditionally, it’s a time for the staff here at Track ‘Em Tigers to take our annual week’s vacation. 

The 4th of July also marks an important time in the world of college football. In the long hot days of summer there isn’t  much football news. However, after this week that changes, especially with the start of SEC Media Days.

We really appreciate all of you that make TET a part of your daily lives and wish you a happy and restful holiday weekend. We will be back with our regular postings on Monday, following the July 4th week.

In the interim, we have something we would like for you, our readers, to help us with.

The next few days we will be taking nominations to fill out our ballot for the 2017 class of our own Auburn Tigers Football Hall of Fame. TET’s Hall now includes fifty-one former Auburn  players and coaches. You can find a list of those names at the end of this article.

The rules for the selection process are:

(1) Nominate only one person from each of the following positions: QB, RB, FB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, DB, ST, and Coach. 
(2) We have two classifications for nominations. One representing players from the last 40 years and one representing “old school” Tigers – those who played before 1977.
(3) To be eligible, players and/or inactive coaches should have been out of college for four years. Ten names, nine chosen by our readers, will go into the 2016 class and may come from any period in Auburn history.
(4) Although it would be good for you to have seen the nominee play or coach (at least on television), we recognize that in some cases that would not be possible.

You can tell us in the comment section why you think a player or coach is deserving of the nomination or just list their name. If your guy has already been nominated, you can still nominate himan action that will simply add to the nominee’s weight for placement on the final ballot.

Towards the end of this week, we will publish a list of the top vote getters along with a ballot/poll to decide which nominees will make up the 2016 class of TET’s Auburn Football Hall of Fame.

On behalf of the staff here at Track ‘Em Tigers, thank you in advance for your help. War Eagle, and we wish you all a safe and enjoyable 4h of July.

Editors note: The names of the fifty-one current members of TET’s Hall of Fame are listed after the jump.


The 2016 TET/Auburn Football Hall of Fame inductees: James Brooks, David Rocker, Reggie Slack, Freddy Weygand, Tommy Agee, Ben Grubbs, Damon Duval, Jimmy Red Phillips, Ken Rice, and Fob James.

The 2015 class included: Cam Newton, Joe Cribbs, Marcus McNeil, Brent Fullwood, Quentin Groves, Lawyer Tillman, Will Herring, Wes Byrum, Aundray Bruce, Jimmy Sidle, Zeke Smith, Lloyd Nix, Buddy McClinton, and Travis Tidwell.

The 2014 class included: Ed Dyas, Terry Beasley, Mike Donahue, Jim Fyffe, David Langner, Dameyeune Craig, Ronnie Brown, Frank Sanders, Karlos Dansby, and by popular demand – Phillip Lutzenkirchen.

The 2013 class included: George Petrie, Tommy Lorino, Tommy Tuberville, Pat Dye, Terry Beasley, Carnell ‘Cadillac’ Williams, Carlos Rogers, Takeo Spikes, Jason Campbell, and Al Del Greco.

The 2012 Class included: Walter Gilbert, Jimmy Hitchcock, Tucker Frederickson, Pat Sullivan, Tracy Rocker, Bo Jackson, Shug Jordan, and John Heisman

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