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Gus Malzahn Press Conference 09.19.17
Gus Malzahn Press Conference 09.19.17

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Auburn reopens punting competition, Daniel Carlson a 'possibility'

After three games with inconsistent results, Auburn has reopened its punting competition.

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W. Soccer. Hannah Alspach Named to National Team of the Week

Alspach accounted for the Tigers' offense as the team opened SEC play with a 1-0 win against the visiting Aggies.

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View from the Booth - Auburn vs Mercer

How did that look from the press box?

Once again we welcome in Auburn Sports Network producer Brad Law, who will continue to bring us nuggets and tidbits from the Auburn radio broadcasts each week, as well as some of his own insight into the actual games.


“Aundray Bruce was the number one overall pick in the 1988 NFL Draft. The Auburn all-American was a guest on the homecoming edition of the Tiger Tailgate Show last weekend, and he was paid the kind of respect a legendary player should be paid during his first ever appearance on the pre-game show – Jason Campbell made fun of how Aundray was sweating through his white dress shirt. Jason is 6’5, and he’s taking care of himself physically, so he can get away with that. Aundray is also 6’5, and still pretty close to the 270 quarter-back terrorizing pounds that hassled college and NFL offenses for a decade. He walked up on the stage like he owned the place, and your humble producer was happy to let him.

For more than a dozen years, the presiding governor has been a staple on the pre-game show, but Governor Kay Ivey’s schedule wouldn’t allow for her to make it before the game got underway this year. Instead, the first female Vice President in Auburn history joined us at halftime. The coordination of that visit took a little tap dancing. Initially, the governor’s security detail let us know she’d make it up to the booth sometime around the start of the third quarter. As our halftime show continued, however, we were notified that she’d be up sooner than expected. You can’t keep the governor waiting, but there’s also only a small window for us to interview Coach Malzahn coming out of the locker room for the second half. I’m watching Andy Burcham on the field, the team coming out of the huddle, and the back of the booth to see if the uniformed officer is coming in with Governor Ivey. Thankfully, the timing couldn’t have been better; we got Coach Malzahn’s thoughts on the second half just as the distinguished 1967 Auburn alum sat down in the booth. Rod Bramblett welcomed her back to campus, she remarked on being on the field to “crown” the homecoming queen, and she even gave listeners a stirring recital of the last stanza of the Auburn Creed. After she finished with a rousing and sincere, “War Eagle,” she was out the door and on with her busy schedule of homecoming commitments. What a thrill and honor it was to have Governor Kay Ivey in our booth.

Your outlook on the game itself depends on what kind of outlook you have in general, positive or negative. The former sees the second most efficient game for an SEC quarterback ever and the first time in 22 years that an Auburn QB has completed 30+ passes in a game. I think everyone wanted to see the offense execute the passing game a little more demonstrably against Mercer, and that’s what happened. Some won’t be able to look past the five turnovers, though, and I understand that. The head coach certainly isn’t overlooking those, either.

This week marks the beginning of conference play. The match-ups are strength vs strength when the home team has the ball. So if the right crosses are even, the game will be decided by which team’s left hook is more powerful. Statistically speaking, that’s Auburn. For most our crew, it’ll be the first visit to CoMo. Hopefully that means a fun story or two here next week. War Eagle!”

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Gabe Gross: 'Heart goes out to Sean White,' Byron Cowart 'small loss,' and biggest issue on offense

With loss of backup QB, transfer of Cowart and offensive woes, former Auburn QB says "this year, a lot will be decided by what happens in the next month or month-and-a-half."

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Our favorite photos from Auburn vs. Mercer, how they were captured

Check out photos from the Auburn vs. Mercer game and find out a little about how we shot them.

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Mercer Review: Dropping the Rock

I’m a very forward-thinking person, so I don’t like writing reviews. I especially don’t like writing reviews for a game against Mercer. So let’s do a quick review.

It was much hotter than I wanted it to be. It was Mercer. It wasn’t very easy to get excited. That showed in some players’ effort. Not most, but some.

Oh, hey fans, we aren’t going to collectively start screaming “THROW THE BALL!” as soon as the ball touches Jarrett Stidham’s hands. Give the kid who practices these plays every day time to see a receiver. I get that it’s just a natural reaction, but it’s about as dumb as people yelling at the coach to call a timeout before a game-winning field goal when he’s obviously running the clock down to 2 seconds (this happened in the 2010 National Championship game. Y’all didn’t think Chizik knew he needed to stop the clock?)

Speaking of seeing receivers, Stidham did still clasp his hands around the ball a little too much in the first quarter. It got much better throughout the game. He throws a very nice ball. He just needs to throw it a tad earlier. He will.

Speaking of receivers, they dropped the ball a lot. Even on punts. If you finally get open, and the quarterback who has been known to hold the ball a little too long finally gets it right into your hands, you should hold on to it. Sure, running in traffic is typically a running back’s thing, but once you catch the ball, hold the ball.

Gus Malzahn said it, people called it an excuse, but it’s not. The Auburn offense moved the ball. They gained 515 yards (before taking two knees to end the game). That is fine. You can question Kamryn Pettway running the ball so much. But uh, it was a one touchdown game in the 4th quarter.

Why didn’t Kam Martin play? I don’t know. Maybe he’s hurt. Maybe he’s not as good as Kamryn Pettway. We do know he’s not a polished blocker or pass-catcher. And again, it was a one touchdown game in the 4th quarter. You obviously need the best player out there, and he wanted to be out there.

Why was the score close? Because of 5 turnovers. That’s the only reason. Not because of PLAY CAWLIN. Not because Sean White got kicked off the time the next day. No other reason. The ball was moved. The ball was moved into the red zone. The ball was dropped in the redzone. That’s an anomaly. Five turnovers don’t happen every game or even every other game or even half the games. The offense improved. The wide receivers need to take a knee when they catch the ball. It’s simple.

Alright, time for SEC play. If you think Auburn will play with the same level of effort as they did against Mercer on a hat Saturday afternoon, just log off right now.

War Eagle.


Who will be Auburn's third quarterback?

Auburn considering several options for who will be its third quarterback

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Kerryon Johnson will return against Missouri

Johnson missed the last two games with a hamstring injury.

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Live Updates: Gus Malzahn discusses Auburn's QBs, Byron Cowart's transfer, SEC opener

Live updates from Gus Malzahn's weekly press conference in advance of Auburn's SEC opener against Missouri in the wake of Sean White's dismissal and Byron Cowart's transfer.

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Auburn: 2015 No. 1 overall recruit DL Byron Cowart will transfer - reports (ESPN)

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Watch Gus Malzahn Tuesday Press Conference Live!

Byron Cowart explains why he left Auburn

Byron Cowart asked for his release from Auburn because of his lack of playing time and a health issue his mother is coping with.

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M. Tennis. Nguyen Competing On Canadian Futures Circuit

Auburn men's tennis senior Edward Nguyen is gaining important experience toward a professional career competing in Futures events in his homeland of Canada

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2017 War Blogle Pick ’em Week 3 Results

Congrats to Harpers heroes conf for taking Week 3 of the 2017 War Blogle Pick ’em and winning a War Blogle sticker. Want any of that? Send me $3 and your address, or just win next week. But let’s be honest, it’s just easier to send three bucks.
Remember that after Week 5, 10, and 15, I will be giving out an Auburn Hover Helmet to the overall leader at that point.
If you’re like me and don’t see your name, go check out the scoresheet (select Week 3).

If you missed joining last week, you can still join. It may be tough to win the whole thing, but you can still go for the win every 5 weeks.


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